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TruExtracts Laboratories is fully licensed and located in Calgary, Alberta. It was created for high-capacity extraction to meet global demand. TruExtracts is one of Western Canada’s largest cannabis and hemp processors, with the capacity of over one million lbs per year in our British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan facilities. We have the equipment to extract using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide CO2,Ethanol, Butane, and Pentane as well as solventless extraction which allows us to adapt to the different needs of our customers. We also offer white label services for various products.

  • TruExtracts facility is 12,000 sq ft and will be expanding to 32,000 sq. ftTruExtracts facility is 12,000 sq ft and will be expanding to 32,000 sq. ft
  • TRU is looking to benefit from the CSS technology by being able to control the bottom line andexpand as capacity requirements increase on a volume based business model.
  • The projected revenue based the current revenue base of $7-12M.


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